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After graduating from design school, I travelled to Europe where my
first design job was assistant to a Perfume designer. From there I
travelled Europe connecting to my family roots and continued as a designer for
several design companies. Here I started to develop my illustration style
and found an outlet for my feminine style within the corporate world.

'I'm going to make everything around me
more beautiful... that will be my life!'  
Elise de Wolfe.

The smell of gardenia, hibiscus and the sea air of the Amalfi coast, reignited my love of perfume, art,
beautiful design and packaging that surrounded me where ever I went. From exquisitely wrapped sweets
and pasta, high renaissance art and the soft pink hues and gilded golds of Europe, all of which made me
feel at home and filled me with a source of endless inspiration in all I create.

Cooking has always been a relaxing creative outlet for me. After a devastating earthquake in my home town.
I found myself putting my hands into flour and water and creating pasta religiously.
I didn't know it at the time, but it led me back to Europe again to be with family and a long line of restaurateurs and creatives where I felt
at home. From there I set about following my nose through Italy where I found 
my senses. All the things
I loved were there in concentrated amounts. In small and remote towns
I connected with old traditions,
recipes, beauty and memories of my Viennese grandmother,
watching her in her kitchen when I was a child.

Europe continues to be a home to me, while I sit by my kitchen window, drawing, cooking and
gathering scents from my garden to bottle up memories of family and a time and land far away.

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