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Available end of February 2023
  • To discover the collection 5 x 1ml samples are
    beautifully packaged to enjoy for oneself or as a special gift.
    The full collection : beauty, nera, italia, vienna, venezia



    Bask under the mediteranian sun where baskets of bright
    geraniums hang from balconies and the warm evening air
    is filled with delicate flowers.
    Sensual floral notes of ylang ylang, rose geranium and
    palmarosa held in a warm embrace of vanilla.

    Theraputic benefits
    uplifting • comforting • balancing • aphrodisiac


    NERA    be.connected

    Discover an ancient arbour where god and goddess meet
    in a sensual embrace.

    Filled with softness and strength, the heady notes of petigrain,
    lime and the sacred flowers of lotus and rose are held in the earthy, spiritual notes of oud and sandlewood.

    Theraputic value
    meditative • spiritual • purifying • clarity


    VENEZIA    be.enchanted
    Explore an ancient city of carnival and dreams where ships gather and spice merchants trade their precious goods
    gathered from exotic lands.

    Kitchen's full with the magic of butter, ornage, cinamon
    and aniseed exticing your heart and soul with the richness of
    cognac and rose

    Theraputic values
    romance • mystery • soothing • energising


    VIENNA     be.inspired

    Gather with artist's and poets under dappled light while piano music plays in an elegant, bohemian coffee house in old Vienna.
    The scent of old wood, tobacco drift and coffee mingles with
    warm vanilla custard laced with chocolate and spice.

    Theraputic values
    love • contentment • uplifted • inspired


    ITALIA    be.uplifted

    Enjoy a sun-kissed Italian summer under cerulean skies amidst southern lemon-lined streets and a  countryside bursting with olive groves.
    Notes of uplifting citrus and summer flowers held within the
    green fresh tones of oregano, basil and thyme.

    Theraputic values
    happiness • energising • calming • courage

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