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A new collection

An artists journey of senses

This image was taken when I was in Sicily enjoying a Mediterranean summer with the freedom of travelling on my own. It is the first scent created in the collection.


A little change in the name and a burst of spring inspiration upon arriving home from Europe led me to a redesign of my first perfume 'beauty', a popular seller in my studio store many moons ago.

To keep things simple I used my initials be. and a little play on words with a collection named... be.awakened with new fragrances to follow this story.

It has been a long love in the making. made in small limited batches of pure plant, natural ingredients, packaged and printed individually on original letterpress machinery using card from recycled coffee cups.

It is an artists collection of the senses drawing upon my families heritage, my travels and the inspiration and beauty of Europe to take you on a journey of half-remembered dreams, beautiful places near and far, past and present, awakening the senses.

I hope you enjoy!

be. x

Perfume shown : BEAUTY

Bask under a Mediterranean sun where baskets of bright geraniums hang from balconies and the warm evening air is filled with delicate flowers.

Sensual, floral notes of ylang ylang, rose geranium and palmarosa are held in warm embrace of vanilla.


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