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Finishing touches Beauty in the details


The last few years has meant many changes for me and one of them being upon return from Europe and within the quiet of lockdown, space gave me time to refresh and redesign my natural perfume range. A long labour of love working with specialist people from the old printing trade, learning new skills in a deep dive not so easy to navigate and with plenty of patience needed to understand an old craft. Alas finally in the last few weeks results have appeared.

I was seeking a simple timeless feel with limited printed processes and more about feeling. Finding the paper was my first step of which I discovered my signature pink in a paper recycled from coffee cups. A perfect marriage for perfume as often perfumeries have a bowl of coffee beans placed near by to clear your nose when your senses over fill.

Perhaps the very first inspiration was the simplicity of using my initials and playing on the word 'be.' which for me means being with beauty in nature, the world and the beauty of yourself just as you are.

As an artist and a traveller, scent has always inspired me. It connects me to my childhood and places of beauty near and far and has the magic ability to awaken us where ever we are. So when travel was restricted fragrance created that bridge for me, weather its real or imaginary there is no boundary when its comes to scent.

From memories of walking down lemon lined streets in Italy where I could freely pick a fresh fallen lemon upon the cobble stones, to cool autumn nights in old viennese coffee houses, to walking the streets of an old merchant city in Venice eating the sweets made at just one time of the year whilst celebrating seasons and festivities is what this range is made from.

I hope you enjoy!

be. x


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